About Us

Nilrum is an engineering enterprise active primarily in the field of design and supply of efficient Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, units and components.

Nilrum’s personnel are the symbols of trust and reliability in the Iranian HVAC market. Long term successful leading of air conditioning industry in the country and trustworthy conduct during decades with different clients, for a divers range of projects, are our valuable treasures. This experience is not just limited to sales; it covers all stages from pre-design consultation to after-sales support.

Considering the situation of the local and regional markets and continuous increasing demands of the customers, Nilrum has decided to establish a new section to address all sectors of the market to offer reliable products to the potential clients. We conduct businesses with successful companies and individuals who have acquired significant reputation in their line of activities. We always try to develop our strategy to accelerate the creation of new businesses to deal with the market demands. Achieving a greater expansion would be continues desirable result. We define our duty as selectors of highly qualified products from different parts of the world by offering them profitability, in socially responsible ways to our customers, with respect to our mutual benefits. We believe, the best for the customer is the best for us. 

We value our customers, to be encouraged to use products with essential standards whilst encompassing high quality. We recognize a proper support and after-sale service as an inherent need for a long term success. Achieved satisfaction by the customers, is our power to maintain and grow our presence in the competitive market of Iran and the region.

Nilrum’s view is focused to the products benefiting from the latest technological developments incorporating advantageous scopes for low energy consumption levels and protection of the environment.

Engineering Consultation
  • Technical design assistance & review
  • Heating & cooling Load estimation
  • Optimized selection of HVAC Equipments
  • Comprehensive Data sheets & Drawings 
  • Layout detailing 
  • Compliance to International Standards
  • Site inspection and technical recommendations
Providing HVAC Products

Providing a wide assortment of sustainable HVAC systems and units in a broad range of capacities for various applications encompassing residential, commercial and industrial projects. Different products are available in distinct configuration to meet every technical aspect of each project. Moreover, a tailor made design would be developed for customized projects. 

Project Management
  • Project scheduling & planning
  • Systems and Units Delivery
  • Procurement
  • Import documentation
  • Packing & Transportation and storage
  • Insurance 

Installation & After Sales Services

  • Providing installation, Commissioning and start up services.
  • Integrity check of the system
  • Verification on compliance to specifications
  • Supervision services
  • Providing spares parts of the units.
  • Proposing guarantee agreement and long term maintenance contract.
  • Full disassembling and reassembling units 


Environment Friendly
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Elegant Solution

       for Special Projects