About Us


In principle, Nilrum is an engineering trading company in the field of design and supply of Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems, components and also building construction materials. We create our business values by concentrating on the projects that we feel best based on our business expertise and experience. We conduct businesses with successful companies and individuals who have acquired significant reputation in their line of activities. We always try to develop our strategy to accelerate the creation of new businesses to deal with the market demands. Achieving a greater expansion would be continues desirable result. We define our duty as selectors of highly qualified products from different parts of the world by offering them profitability, in socially responsible ways to our customers, with respect to our mutual benefits. We believe, the best for the customer is the best for us. We value our customers, to be encouraged to use products with essential standards whilst encompassing high quality. We recognise a proper support and after-sale service as an inherent need for a long term success. Achieved satisfaction by the customers, is our power to maintain and grow our presence in the competitive market of Iran and the region.